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Scent Classes


A dog's sense of smell is so powerful, whereas we "see" the world through our eyes, dogs see everything through their nose.

Humans have around 6 million scent receptors where as the average dog has 150 -300 million!  When we go shopping, we can smell the bread the machine is churning out at the back of the supermarket.  A dog would smell the eggs, the flour, and anything else that's been added.  


Scentwork is suitable for dogs of all ages, and breeds and is great for anxious and reactive dogs. 

Teach your dog to search, find and indicate!

Looking for something awesome to do with your dog?

Need to focus their minds?

Fancy a new challenge?

Can you and your dog promote through the ranks? Learning scent detection skills that will be based upon fun and exciting scenarios, adding that little extra to dog training

Your Ambassador…Me!

The UKCSD Ambassador is your local scent detection trainer, they have completed the most intensive pet-dog scent detection training course currently on the market, assured by the world-famous City & Guilds. This 18-day course has provided them with the skills, knowledge and attitude to deliver a training programme that will transform your dog into a UK Canine Scent Detective …

Your ambassador is a member of the UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter, which proves they only use the kindest and force free training methods.

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Level 1

From recruit to UK Canine Scent Detective Constable.  Learn all about scent and how the dog sees the world.  You and your pup will attend a three-hour induction and learn how their amazing nose works.  We'll look at how they search as well as start the odour identification process and how to recognise and work on an indication.   

Progress your scent detection training and learn the basics in clue finding, where you can develop your skills ready for the next ‘rank’.  Practice at home with your homework kit (included in the price). 

For this seven-week course and everything you need to practice at home (homework kit to keep) - £225 

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Level 2 - Sergeant

Progress with your canine detective, learn how to work as a team and carry out systematic searches of different locations both indoors and outdoors.  How do you cover every nook and cranny?! The hides will start to get smaller, will you find them.....then get ready for the next promotion step…


Duffy 2_edited.jpg

Level 3 - Inspector

At our highest level, where you will need to find several hides, the clues will be difficult, and the tasks within the search a little challenging… But you will have to join the team at the UKCSD for your Inspector Level Promotion…


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