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"Katherine is always ready to help and give advice on a whole number of issues that we may have had. She has a wealth of knowledge which she gives in a clear, helpful way!!
Our 1 to 1 session with Katherine was a great way of training too. It gave us many hints and tips to work on with our puppy to move her forward.
Katherine is always very reassuring and reminds us of the progress we have made which is always needed in the journey of puppy training".

Nicola Chater

About Katherine.....


I'm Katherine and I help dedicated dog owners like you develop a stronger relationship with the dog in your family. 

Growing up a dog was always part of the family and I'm fortunate enough to share my life with Zelda, now, but it's not been a smooth journey.    


As a qualified Dog Trainer and a full member of the IMDT  (Institute of modern dog training), I have gone through a stringent assessment process, resulting in the very best training and behavioural advice.  Being a member of the IMDT comes with a code of ethics that each and every IMDT qualified dog trainer has to adhere to.

I'm also a Kids Around Dogs (KAD) approved trainer and offer a training package to help children and dogs become a great team and live harmoniously together, with a mutual understanding. 


I am also fully insured through Pet Business Insurance, DBS Cleared, and Trained in Canine First Aid.

Owning a dog is fantastic, and I truly believe that once you build your trust with one another, training comes easily, but if you find they need a little bit of extra help working things out I can guide and support you both on this journey to become an awesome team.




"Katherine’s classes are absolutely fantastic. She is kind and supportive and gives brilliant advice. Her techniques are effective and she always explained why a dog might behave in a way and why we would want them to follow a certain cue. I couldn’t recommend her classes more!"

Emily Palmer

Every day is a School Day........Professional Development

IMDT 2 Day Career As A Dog Trainer Course - January 2018

IMDT 1 Day Perfect Puppy - June 2018

 IMDT Day Practical Instructor Course - August 2018

Canine Aggression and Rehabilitation - October 2018

Canine Body Language - October 2018

2nd Chance Heroes -  February 2019 

Loose Leaders - March 2019
Happy Recallers March 2019

IMDT Membership Assessment - November 2019

Canine Principles - Canine Communication - The Language Of A Species August 2020

Working with Noise Sensitivity and Phobias - September 2020

Resource Guarding - September 2020

Abnormal Repetitive Behaviours in Dogs - September 2020

 Separation Anxiety September 2020

Breed and Predatory Motor Patterns - Webinar 

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